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How do I remove the accessibility of my domain via IPv6?


If you do not want to use IPv6 for DNS resolution of your domain, please proceed as follows:

  1. Login into the customer panel.
  2. Select the corresponding domain plan
  3. Choose "DNS Management" in the left menu
  4. Remove any "AAAA" entries from the DNS zone for your domain.
  5. Wait at least 48 hours so that the DNS cache has been updated with the individual providers.
  6. Check your domain with a traceroute, whether the IPv6 reachability no longer exists and if your                  domain reachable via IPv4 again

* It may be that you need to restart your PC, since it also has a DNS cache that needs to be updated.

* It may be that individual providers update their DNS cache at longer intervals, i.e. You have to wait longer.

If necessary, contact the relevant provider and ask him to update its DNS cache.

Recommendations for IPv6:
EUserv generally strongly recommends the use of IPv6, to make your services reachable everyone in

future. Due to the limited of address space in IPv4 this protocol will always continue being put into the

background and deactivated perspectively in the future.


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