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Which actions become done during reset domain DNS-Settings?

Used Customer Center - Function:
"Reset the DNS settings" for domains

What values ??are set after the reset of the DNS settings?
A reset of the DNS settings of a domain always means a reset of all DNS settings of the selected domain. It does not matter whether in another contract under the same customer account. A server or vServer to which the domain is connected via the A or AAAA record.

When the domain's DNS settings are reset, the default IP addresses of the domain are reset such that, for example, Domain Redirects (Redirects), which are handled by our web servers, work again.

So if you have made a reset of the DNS settings, but want to show the domain to the server, A and AAAA records manually after the reset.



Please note that the old DNS settings can remain in the cache up to 48h depending on the provider and the new settings can only be activated afterwards. In rare cases a restart of the used PC (or an emptying of the DNS cache) may be necessary.

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