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How can I change from one domain plan to another?

Initial situation:

You want to change an existing contract from tariff "A" to tariff "B".

What to check:

You have to check whether the new tariff "B"

  • contains fewer services than the old tariff or
  • whether the new tariff is cheaper than the old tariff.

If one of the two points applies, the conversion is a so-called "downgrade". Everything else is an "upgrade".

Procedure for an upgrade:

If you want to upgrade a contract, proceed as follows:

  • Log into customer control panel and select the desired contract.
  • In the menu on the left, look for the item "Rate change".
  • Select the target tariff you want.
  • Complete the changeover online.

After the changeover, your contract has the status "waiting", i.e. the changeover is checked by our systems for possible errors. This status may not last longer than 48 hours. If the status persists for longer than 48 hours, please contact support with a request for a manual check.

Procedure for a downgrade:

In the event of a downgrade, services may have to be deleted. (E.g. email accounts, if these are no longer included in the new tariff.) Therefore, a new contract must be created.

To downgrade, do the following:

  • Log in to the customer center and select the contract you want.
  • Terminate the contract.
  • After the cancellation, generate the AuthCode / AuthInfo for the domains you want to move.
  • Open a new browser tab and order the future domain (s) as a "Domain Transfer" in the desired new tariff via the website.
  • Then switch back to the customer center and click on "Contracts" in the menu.
  • Add the AuthCodes / AuthInfos generated under point 3) for the respective domain. Please work very carefully here.

Finished. The contracts are then processed regularly and the domain (s) "move" internally from the "old" contract to the respective new contract.


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