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Account in credit of the customer account

is the account of the customer where all invoices of the current contract are being booked. An overview of the account balance can be found in the customer center under the category „Rechnungen“.


Commission account


is the customer's account where all credit advice within the "customers recruit customers" program are being booked. The account will only be activated when the "customers recruit customers" program has been activated and the conditions of participation have been accepted.


Transfer credit


denotes the transfer of credit advice to a target account. Target accounts can be the the account in credit of the customer's account and the private bank account on the other hand.


Existing customers


are customers of the ISPpro Internet KG in the business branch EUserv who are in possession of an active customer's ID and at least one monthly chargeable, paid and non-terminated contract.


New customers


are customers who don't own an existing customer account and order the first time at EUserv, business branch of the ISPpro Internet KG.


Initial order


is the first setting up of one or more contracts in a customer account that didn't have any contracts before.

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