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Questions about the commissions


Where do I find the current commission table?


The current commission table can be found in EUserv's customer center under the category "Kunden werben Kunden".


My recruited new customer wants to purchase more than one product. For which product am I refunded?


During the first order the whole first shopping cart will be refunded.


Where can I transfer my commission credit to?


  1. Up to an amount of 20 Euros no credit of the commission account can be transferred.

  2. Starting from an amount of 20 Euros the credit can be transferred to the credit account of the customer account.

  3. Starting from an amount of 20 Euros you have the additional option to transfer your credit to your own (private) bank account.


How can I transfer my commission credit?

You can transfer your credit via the input form under the category "Kunden werben Kunden" to your desired target account.


Can I back post the transferred credit?


No, once the transfer from the commission account to the credit account of the customer account has been conducted back posting isn't possible anymore.


Which requirements have to be met for a payout to my bank account?


The commission account has to have a minimum balance of 50 Euros.

Accounting transactions can exclusively be done on German bank accounts. To this the data of the account owner have to be identical with the ones of the customer's account owner.


I have had money transferred to my bank account. How long does the processing take? 


Transfer jobs for bank accounts are verified by us manually. They generally require a processing time of at least 2 weeks.

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