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Questions regarding the "customers recruit customers" process

Where can I see that I successfully recruited a new customer ?


  1. You will find a list of all successfully enlisted products in the customer center (category „Kunden werben Kunden“).

  2. You will also be notified via eMail when successfully recruiting a customer.


Is there a limit for the maximum number of new customer recruitments?


There is no limit for the maximum amount of new customer recruitments.


I succesfully recruited a customer. Why does the recruited product not appear in the commission overview in the customer center?


  1. The recruited new customer hasn't made a successful order yet (e.g. incomplete registration or he cancelled the ordering procedure).

  2. The recruited new customer didn't enter your customer ID in the "Ich wurde geworben durch" [I have been recruited/enlisted by] field in the registration form.

  3. The recruited customer is not a new customer but already had active contracts under his (or other) customer IDs.

My newly recruited customer didn't enter my customer ID during the ordering process. Can I hand in my customer ID later?


No, belatedly submitted customer IDs can not be considered. 

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