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What is the "customers recruit customers" program ?

EUserv wants to reward you as a customer and pays attractive provisions if you recommend one of our products to friends, family or acquaintances.


How is the "customers recruit customers" program working ?


When you have recruited a new customer he has to enter your customers ID under the category "Where do you know us from" [Woher kennen Sie uns?] during his first order.


How can I participate in the "customers recruit customers" program?


As an existing customer of the ISPpro Internet KG (in the business branch EUserv) you have to activate the "Kunden werben Kunden“ program under the category of the same name in the customer center and accept the conditions of participation.


Which are the GTCs?


All regulations can be found in the conditions of participation in the EUserv customer center.


When do I become an existing customer of EUserv?


You are an existing customer of the ISPpro Internet KG (business branch EUserv) if you are in possession of both an active customer ID and at least one monthly chargeable, paid and non-terminated contract.


What are new customers?

New customers are customers who do not own an existing customer's account and order the first time at EUserv (business branch of ISPpro Internet KG).

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