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What does the notification "cannot fork / allocate memory" in my vServer under OpenVZ mean?


You will receive this fault message if the main memory of your VPS for your virtualization

solution "OpenVZ" is exhausted.

The resource values for VPS under OpenVZ are read by using the command:


# cat/proc/user_beancounters

The column "failcnt" should generally be "0". If this value indicates "Failcounts" the

resources in the area have been exhausted.

The following are possible solutions to the problem "can not fork / allocate memory":

* Install a sleek operating system without admin panel which usually starts services

like mySQL, Apache and PHP for their own use. We recommend an operating system "minimal".


* Optimize your system services by adjusting the standard configurations: In the default config

of services like mySQL, Apache or PHP values to conserve system resources can be set.


* Start a plan upgrade in the customer panel to a plan with more memory. EUserv

recommends for servers with admin panel, Apache, mySQL and PHP (LAMP) at

least 4GB RAM and dual core CPU.


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