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What has to be considered when changing my provider to EUserv ?

To change the provider to EUserv with an existing domain, the following steps should be conducted:

    1. Terminate the contract with your old provider:
      The termination has to be made in written form and within the cancellation period to the end of the current contract term. Terminate timely and have the termination confirmed in written form (eMail, fax, snail mail).

      Make sure that you have settled all open accounts.

      For termination purposes use the termination forms of the old provider if he demands them. You will mostly find them in the customer center, the FAQs or the contract management on the websites of the old provider.
    2. Wait for the confirmation of termination from the old provider
    3. Order the domain and the desired tariff bundle from EUserv and select "Providerwechsel/Domainumzug" in the course of the domain check.
    4. a) Log in to the EUserv customer centerĀ ( after finishing the order process and print out the provider change form.

      b) some domain endings don't require a form; in these cases the AuthCode / AuthInfo replaces the form. Enter the AuthCode / AuthInfo you received from the provider in the corresponding field in the customer center. Further forms or the like are not necessary.
    5. Fax the provider change form to EUserv. On receipt you will be sent a confirmation via eMail informing you about the processing status.

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