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How to check and report packet loss?

If your server is not or partly available for fault diagnosis it may be helpful to isolate the problem via routetracking to determine where packets get lost or are transported slowly.

Problems are often caused by routing or misconfiguration of customers servers. To identify such problems quickly and to avoid baseless prblem records, please proceed as follows:


  • Download the program MRT/WinMTR (MyTraceRout) according to your respective operating system and install on your Server, if not already done (MTR is a network diagnosis tool based on a combination of traceroute and ping. It displays the important packet loss in %)

  • this program runs on the command line combined with a host as a parameter. For the host please use the hostname or IP the current connection should be checked, for example

  • generate a traceroute via MTR now. Please consider: The MTR is required from both directions what means from server to customer and from customer to server and should also include at least 1000 packages. Ideally start MTR in the report mode (- r). The number of querys is determined by the parameter - c. Parameter - w provides description of complete hostnames, for example mtr -r -w -c 10

  • run MTR traceroute

  • if packet loss is detected, please send MTR output via Email or support ticket to EUserv

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