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How do I use the EUserv Webmail ?

Enter the address of the EUserv Webmail into your web browser's address bar:





Log in with your username and password for the Webmail here.

You will find your data on the EUserv homepage under  Kundencenter ? Anmeldung ? Vetrag auswählen ? Mail-Accounts.





The user interface of the Webmail lists your folders on the left side. Here your drafts, deleted, sent and Spam eMails can be stored. When the inbox is selected all retrieved mails are listed in the main window with subject, sender, date and size.

Above this bar you can see various icons. The first one checks if new messages are incoming. With the adjoining icon you can write a new eMail.





When you write a new eMail you are displayed as the sender on top. The recipent can be entered into the text field below. Additionally you can enter your eMail's subject.

Enter the message you want to send into the big text field.

With the icons above you can send the eMail, check the spelling, append a file, append a signature, save the message and choose further options.

In the window adjoining to the left you will see your appended files. In order to send the message either click the "Nachricht jetzt senden" button or on the corresponding icon above.

When selecting 'Editor-Typ' ? HTML downright you can write a design-mail where you can determine your individual font, layout, colour etc.

By clicking on the eMail icon top right you get back to your inbox.

There you will also find the address book icon which creates an address book for you.






Here you can create a new contact by selecting the icon above the contact overview.



When you have created contacts in one of your address book groups all contacts are displayed in this windows.

By selecting one of the adjoining icons you can write a message, delete a contact, import contacts, export contacts in the vCard format and search for contacts.





If you want to import contacts you can do this by selecting a vCard file.

Click on the button 'Datei auswählen'.

Moreover an existing address book which is stored locally can be completely be replaced. After you have selected the file you want to import click on the "Importieren" button below.


With the icon "Einstellungen" (situated top right) you can adjust your Webmail individually. If the tab "Einstellungen" is selected you will see a navigation menu on the left side where you can adjust the user surface, mail box appearance, message creation, address book, special folders and server settings. 



When selecting the "Ordner" tab you can decide which eMail folders shall be displayed by choosing the folders.

By selecting the tab 'Identitäten' you can specify your identities.



Thereby you can modify your displayed name (visible for the recipents), enter your company's/organization's name, send a blind carbon copy etc.

Moreover you can create a signature which will be appended at the end of the message when sending an eMail.


By selecting the 'Filter' tab you get to the settings where you can see your configured eMail filters.


By selecting the last Icon 'Abmelden' top right you are logged out safely and leaving the Webmail.

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