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How can I access a USB disk / USB Flash Drive ?


If connected to a server, a USB disk or Flash Drive can be accessed the same way as a "normal" hard drive.


To do this please proceed as follows:

1.) Use the "dmesg" command to check how the device has been detected. One of the latest entries should contain "/dev/sdX" (where 'X' stands for a random letter). In a two-disk system the USB drive usually is labeled "/dev/sdc".

2.) Format the drive with your desired file system. (Optional: Partition the drive to your liking first).
3.) Mount the drive to the desired directory (e.g. /data1). Please note that the directory you want to use already has to exist.

4.) Add a new mounting entry to the /etc/fstab file. This will mount the drive automatically after rebooting the system.


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